How to care for your nails at home

1. Eat a wide range of healthy foods including plenty of fruits and vegetables to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep your nails healthy.

2. Protect your nails and hands by wearing gloves when you do housework, gardening or any other form of labor.

3. Avoid using your nails to open soda cans, remove staples or do anything else that might cause them to chip or break. Use tools instead of your nails.

4. Protect your nails by applying a coat of clear nail hardener on either bare or polished nails. This is a good way to strengthen weak nails and helps protect them from water damage too.

5. Trim your nails by cutting straight across rather than into the corners. Then file using an emery board.

6. Keep your hands and nails well-moisturized.